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Practicing Scrum? And not getting the improvements you needed? Then you must read this article to see if this is what you are missing: Bob Martin on the need for Technical Excellence to get to HyperProductivity

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**NEW**A very good video from my friend Lyssa on the transition from a Project Manager to Agile Coach
Did Guiliani unknowingly use Scrum to manage his New York effort?
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Coaching Tips from the Superbowl winning Packers Coach:
You want bold? In a move that would have made Rex Ryan proud, McCarthy dismissed his players from their final team meeting on the night before the game and had them fitted for Super Bowl rings. As their fingers were measured in a hallway at the Dallas-area hotel where they’d spent the week, the Packers couldn’t help but feel their coach’s swagger.

“It gave us a subtle confidence,” said middle linebacker Desmond Bishop(notes), whose fumble recovery on the first play of the fourth quarter was one of the game’s pivotal moments. “It let us know that we’re right there on the cusp of going down in history, and it made us want it so badly.”

McCarthy might have been crucified for his motivational ploy had the Steelers won the game, but the fifth-year coach wasn’t sweating it. “See, I don’t really think about those things,” he insisted. “I just care about what’s best for the team, and I really believed what I’d told them: That Super Bowl XLV was our time, that given the path we’d taken to get here we could handle anything Pittsburgh would throw at us. They’re a great, championship football team. But this is our time.”
(Reference: Yahoo article by Michael Silver)

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